Commercial moving

My Move has a stellar reputation performing office (commercial) moves and is well equipped to handle any type of business move. Computer equipment, office chairs, desks, file cabinets – you name it, we can probably move it and probably have. We have an expert skill set to take care of whatever your moving needs may be. We understand your need to minimize the interruption to your daily business so the priority number one is to be back in business as soon as possible. My Move is ready to meet whatever your moving needs may be, even if that means working on weekends or after business hours. Working with floor plans, labeling things accordingly or following the rules, regulations and insurance requirements of the buildings involved - we can and will handle it all! If your business needs a mover - contact us for the job.

International moves

An international move is a move from the United States to another country. My Move is proud to be affiliated with a vast network of Freight Forwarders (that’s moving talk for international moving companies) who can deliver your belongings from the United States to practically anywhere around the world. We can ship your stuff consolidated with other shipments, or you can have a 20 or a 40 foot container just for yourself. We will provide you with a flat binding rate for any of these options. Waste no more time, contact us now.

long distance moves

My Move offers competitive rates for every long distance move. Many moving companies offer “lowest rates out there” laden with hidden fees and charges. That is not the game we will play. We provide a guaranteed rate for every long distance move. We also provide free, no obligation consultations, so you will know exactly how much your move will cost before you even hire us to move your world. We will ask you all the necessary questions to determine what services and charges should be applied for your move. If you do not have a place at the destination yet, we will explain what are the potential charges that can occur based on the access at the destination. We also offer up to a month of storage for free, for any move out of state. Does this sound appealing? Contact us now and get all the needed info.

mid-distance (intra state) moves

If you’re planning to move more than 100 miles within California in moving language that’s called an intrastate move. If your destination is just on the other side of California border (OR, NV, AZ, etc.), your move can be treated similarly and we can offer an option of a direct or expedited delivery (next day or within couple of days). The cost of a mid-distance move depends on a distance you are moving and size of your shipment, as well as the additional services that you would request. We provide our clients with guaranteed all inclusive rates, based on the exact inventory of the items that need to be moved. It is not a weight or a volume estimate, it's a flat price based on scope of the move that we agree upon.

We offer rates for direct (expedited) or consolidated shipments, where you would get a delivery window which would be based on your availability to receive the shipment on the other side. Do not hesitate, contact us ​and get a rate asap.

Local moves

So you’re looking for a moving company in the Bay Area? Fabulous! You are in the right place. If you’re moving within the state of California and your move isn’t farther than 100 miles, then that’s what California moving companies call a local move. Whether you need to move contents of a studio apartment, or a multi-bedroom luxury home, we are committed to making the process as easy and stress-free as moving can be. There are 2 options that we offer on our local moves: hourly move (with a 4 hour minimum) and a guaranteed all inclusive rate. Contact us and get more information.

Serving san Francisco and bay area