Go back and double check this list!
  • Make sure you have not forgotten any of the critical items.
  • Have you packed or gotten rid of everything that’s not moving?
  • Have you confirmed all the details with your relocation consultant?

  • Notify your relocation consultant if you add or subtract items from your planned move or if there are any changes in dates.
  • Be sure to supply your relocation consultant with the destination address and phone numbers where you can be reached.
  • Confirm any extra stops required to pick up or deliver goods to a location other than the main pickup or delivery points – make sure this step is listed on your personal moving checklist.
  • If your car is being moved, make sure the pick up is scheduled as well or be prepared to drive it to a loading site for auto transport. Also be prepared to pick up your car at your destination location; again, your relocation consultant is here to help. Do not be afraid to reach out if you have questions.

​notify your utilities and service providers
  • Notify the post office that you are moving. An online change of address form is available on theUnited States Postal Service website.
  • Change your address with your banks, insurance providers, credit cards and magazine subscriptions.
  • Update your information with doctors, lawyers, accountants and any other professional services.

Saying goodbye to friends and family
  • Have a going-away party for the children and their friends.
  • Have some fun for yourself with an open house or an informal dinner or barbecue. Keep it simple.


  • Make sure to show our relocation specialist everything that needs to be moved. You can add or subtract items later, which will influence the estimate accordingly. Any items you forget to disclose or are added later to the shipment will increase the cost, even if you have been given a binding estimate. 
  • Sign your Binding estimate/Order of service after you are sure you have a clear understanding of each section. Our relocation consultant will answer any questions that you might have. Remember that we are here to guide and assist you through every step of the move.
  • Secure your move-out date and confirm the logistics when you officially book your move.


 Confirm your travel plans
  • ​If you are driving to your new home, make sure your car is tuned up and ready for the trip.
  • If you are flying, make sure your tickets are bought along with any additional transportation you will use.
  • Book any hotels or stops you’ll be making along the way.
  • Think about any of the items you’ll need for the trip and for your first night in your new home. Set them aside in a designated spot so they don’t accidentally get packed.

Start packing
  • If you’re packing on your own, try to start early enough so you wouldn't be overwhelmed at the last minute. Books, out of season clothes and decorative items are a great place to start.
  • Check our packing tips page for more details

  • You must dispose of flammables such as fireworks, cleaning fluids, matches, acids, chemistry sets, aerosol cans, ammunition and poisons such as weed killer. Drain fuel from your motorcycle, lawn mower and other machinery. Discard partly used cans of oil, paint, thinner, bleach or any other substances that may be flammable or combustible or those stored in containers that may leak. Please read the complete list of non-allowables.
  • Discard propane tanks which are used for barbecue grills.
  • Set an appointment with a service technician to prepare your major appliances for shipment or do your research if you are planning to do it on your own.
  • Set a date for having utilities disconnected. Plan to keep utilities in service through moving day, if possible.
  • Have rugs and draperies cleaned. Leave both wrapped when they are returned from the cleaners, or you can do the same after we deliver your shipment.
  • Obtain a written appraisal of antique items to verify value.
  • Do not clean your upholstered furniture before moving. Moisture could cause mold if furniture must be placed in storage.

  • If you have pets, make sure you have made travel plans for them as well. If you need to board them or leave them with friends, confirm those plans now.
  • Take your pets to the vet and make sure you have any required health certificates or inoculations – every state has different requirements.


  • Sell, give away, toss or recycle anything you do not need to be moved. Go through every room in your house to sort through what will move with you and what will not. Believe it or not, this might be the hardest part of your move.

  • Have a garage sale or post adds/auctions online to get rid of any unwanted items. Somebody might be willing to pay for them. Do not wait to deal with this "last minute".

  • ​Donate your unwanted clothing, furniture or other household goods (electronics, pots, pans, dishes, bedding, etc.) to your favorite charities in town. Don’t forget to grab receipts showing the items’ approximate value for possible tax deductions.

  • Toss or recycle anything that can’t be sold, given as a gift or donated. Don't leave a pile on a curb once you move out.

  • Be sure to check the NON-ALLOWABLES list for items not allowed to be shipped. If you are unsure of how to properly dispose of these items, we recommend visiting to help you find appropriate recycling centers in your neighborhood. ​​


  • ​Call us and and check about the availability and proper timing for an in-home estimate.
  • Schedule an appointment or set a time for us to get back in touch with you. Set a convenient date for one of our relocation specialists to visit your home and determine the size of your shipment and scope of services needed to be performed. Our relocation specialist will then prepare a written binding estimate for your personalized move plan.
  • ​If your company is paying for your move, or partially covering some of the expenses, refer to their moving policy to determine the services the mover will be authorized to perform.
  • ​Are you planning to pack everything yourself? Or you would have our professionals do it for you? Our relocation specialist will discuss different options with you.
  • ​Are you considering shipping your car as well? Let us assist you with it.


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