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Custom crating

When custom packing with common supplies that movers use is simply not enough, My Move offers crating and packaging solutions for high value, heavy, fragile and unique items.​ Our crates and packaging are designed to meet your item's needs.

That said, we consider many factors when designing our crates & packaging solutions: weight, dimensions, value, fragility and final destination requirements. Our team of experts then goes to work on building a crate that best suits the item.

Do you have some high-end electronics? An art masterpiece? A crystal chandelier? Or a Harley motorcycle that is not being made anymore? Don't you worry, we have a proper solution to make sure any of these items are being stored and/or transported without any issues along the way.

What's Inside Our Crates?

Inside our crates and boxes, you’ll find custom packaging, blocking and bracing. These critical elements insure your item arrive safe, damage free, and on time.  In other words, we don’t simply place your item in a crate or box. We take careful consideration into the best packaging and crating methods available for the item.

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