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day before the move

  • Label any items or boxes you will want first when the truck arrives at your new home (valuables, electronics, etc.).
  • ​If you've decided to pack on your own, make sure everything is ready to go before moving day.
  • ​​If we are doing some of the packing for you, collect things you definitely want packed together, such as children's toys and place in separate group

Moving day

  • Point out any extra-fragile items needing special attention. If certain items should not be packed or moved, mark them appropriately.
  • If there is any chance, make it a point to be on hand to see that all of your goods are loaded. Try to be with our team while your belongings are being loaded. You can be doing your work, or enjoying a book while the crew is doing the work. After making a final tour of the house, check and sign the inventory. Get your copy from the crew leader and keep it safe.
  • There will be some necessary paperwork on the big day that your foreman will go over with you.
  • Be sure to let the foreman know how you can be reached from this point on.
  • Take a last look around. Make sure the water, heating and air conditioner are shut off. Light is out? Windows and doors closed and locked? All utilities arranged for disconnection?

Stay in touch

  • ​Make sure your relocation consultant or our dispatch team have the most recent information about your intentions so we can plan accordingly and give you the best ETA. If your belongings are being stored at first, make sure you let us know as soon as you figure out what would be your FAD (first available date for the delivery). Please share any important details about the destination with us (stairs, elevator, long carry, access for an 18-wheel truck, restriction dates and times at the destination).

DElivery day

  • Be on hand to accept delivery. If you cannot be there in person, be sure you authorize an adult to be your representative to accept delivery and pay the charges for you (if any).
  • On the day of delivery, our drivers will attempt to contact you by phone and/or will stop by your new home if they are unable to reach you. If you or an authorized individual cannot accept delivery of your belongings within the free waiting time (i.e., two hours) you may request more waiting time, at an additional charge, until the delivery can be made. The delivery will never be attempted in the first place if the potential delivery date is not within the delivery window that you've agreed upon.
  • Check your household goods as they are unloaded. If there is any change in the condition of your property from what is noted on the inventory, note discrepancies on our copy of the inventory. By signing the inventory, you are acknowledging receipt of all items listed.
  • While unloading, each piece of furniture will be placed according to your instructions, including the laying of rugs and setting up any beds disassembled at origin. 
  • ​Keep all documents pertaining to your move in a safe place. You will need them for verification of moving expenses when you file your federal income tax returns.